About me

Photo nomad

I used to joke that photography was my first and only love, but then dance found its way into my life then I got started by simply documenting dance events.

Slowly but steadily, friends of friends started asking me to tag along to photograph their events, but it wasn’t until I was approached by the first person asking for portraits that I realized I had a talent.

Now, I’m offering people strolls where I take photos. I am trying to create the wonderful and natural environment, where you do not have to pose for purpose.


Years of experience


Countries visited


Events photographed

What I DO?


Events Photography

I can photograph your event indoors or outdoors. Photos in 24 hours. If the event is longer than 1 day, then you will get photos every morning.



Want different photos? The photo strolling where is a natural feeling and good photos, I will send them in 24 hours.


Couples photography

During the couple photography, I offer good and natural photographs, where you won't be feeling photographed. Photos in 24 hours.

Have A Break, Have A Photostrolling.


I am a professional photographer first, and a lifelong dance enthusiast. Got a project for me? Let’s talk.