How would you describe your style?

Photostrolling should be a natural and stress-free stroll. I have a unique photography style where I try to make you feel as much comfortable as possible. I believe in photography and always say, that it is more art than business. My main reach is to spend time with interesting people and give them photos as a result. You will get a nice stroll with me and a bunch of natural, laughing, playful photos to remember this moment in time.

What should we bring to the Photostrolling?

Make sure you are in good mood. It’s always a good idea to bring water. What does (Photos in 24 hours) means? This means, that I will send you a final collection of photos from Photostrolling in 24 hours.

What are the best locations for Photostrolling in Lithuania?

A national park is always a great location. It offers simple non cluttered backgrounds that will help your photos stand out. Trees offer natural shade that is flattering for portraits. But consider that the background also will be present in your photos, and it might be nice to choose a place that has some importance to you. Besides, I always have Photostrolling places to offer.

Do you offer studio sessions as well?

No, I do not offer sessions in the studio.

How much does a Photostrolling cost?

Outdoor Photostrollings begin at 50 Euro and include from 20 to 60 final images of my choice. You can pay an extra fee of 20 Euro, to be able to pick photos by yourself. Are the final photos retouched? All photos will be retouched, color corrected, and of the highest quality.

How many images can we expect?

You can expect between 20 and 60 final images.

What format I will get photos in?

I am using Photoshop Lightroom and sharing photos with the free service I am sending a popular format .jpeg. RAW and original files are not shared with the client.

When will we see our photos?

Your collection of images will be ready within 24 hours of your Photostrolling.

What should we wear to a Photostrolling?

I suggest getting a little dressed up for a Photostrolling. For men, this means a button-down or collared shirt. For women, hair is done, and a little make-up. For kids – stay away from bold patterns, write on shirts and make sure the clothes fit well. Although the truth is told, kids are always cute no matter what they are wearing.

How much time should we schedule for a Photostrolling?

The Photostrolling lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. We will keep strolling as long as I’m getting great shots. There is the possibility to stroll for a longer period when we reach a mutual feeling of doing that.

What if I don’t like to be photographed?

My Photostrollings are designed to be natural and comfortable. I always talk and try to create an environment where you don't feel photographed. Do not forget, that you will get beautiful shots from our Photostrolling.

What happens if it rains? Or what if I get sick?

Both these situations would not make for the best photos. So that’s not good for either of us. I often book a backup date when the initial date is set. Otherwise, you can cancel (even the morning of your session) and we will choose another date.

Who will be the photographer for my Photostrolling?

I am also the main photographer for all Photostrollings. I also do all the editing, retouching, and contact with clients. That’s what makes Augustas Černiauskas's photography such a unique experience. I offer very personalized service and attention to all my clients. While other photographers might hire someone to edit their photos, I like to have full control over every Photostrolling to ensure the highest quality of photos for all my clients.

What should we do with our digital files?

Having digital files gives you the most freedom. You can use the photos for Facebook, Instagram, calendars, prints, canvas, and frames. Or simply make a beautiful slideshow or photo book. The key is not to leave the images on your computer where you will never have the chance to view them.

Do you offer Photostrolling outside of Vilnius?

Yes, for sure. Photostrolling at your offered place outside of Vilnius would be my pleasure. I do charge a travel fee for locations outside of the city. Send me an email and I can give you all the information.

How do we book a Photostrolling with you?

Simply send me an email with some preferred dates. Keep in mind that weekends book up fast, so if you’d like a weekend date, consider booking about 3-4 weeks in advance. Also, you can try to find a fitting date in my offered dates calendar.